Ray Allen Debuts Custom XMas Air Jordan 10s (Photos)



Ray Allen has worn some of the best sneakers in the NBA for years now and his Christmas Air Jordan X PEs don’t disappoint.

TheShoeGame.com had the scoop on these Xmas kicks and had a breakdown of the shoe:

Ray had his special Christmas Air Jordan 10 PE on display. The Christmas 10 PE’s look to have a Drake inspired glitter translucent sole (Ha!) with a forest green leather upper and red accents to match the holiday. – TSG

I wouldn’t mind more Team Jordan athletes go the Ray Allen route, not this Ray Allen route, and just customize their own versions of popular Jordan designs. Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have never had huge success with either of their Team Jordan brand releases, but I’m sure people would be making out with a pair of custom NY Knick colored Jordan Xs.

Jordan has recently signed Drake to a deal of custom designed Jordan sneakers and I believe they’ll be more athletes/entertainers choosing this option in the future instead of starting their own imprints.

Take a look below for some of Ray Allen’s previous custom Jordan designs.

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  • Let the SLUGFEST begin for these ugly shoes. Why drop theses Limited edition shoes if you know people (sadly black brothas and sistas) going to literally kill and hurt one another over shoes it takes a China man $2 to make.

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