Bama’s Reggie Ragland Says He’ll Send Goons To Come For Twitter Thugs Neck


The thought of any “fan” sending death threats to a 22-year-old kid because he had a bad game is absolutely deplorable. After going 0-3 against Auburn, Alabama kicker Cade Foster was sent a shocking amount of death threats and hate mail via Twitter from so called “fans” of the Crimson Tide. Alabama fans are known for being some of the most passionate college football fans in the country, especially when they are playing in-state rival Auburn, but this is taking it to another level. And these are some of the nicer tweets.


One person who did not appreciate the threats was Foster’s teammate Reggie Ragland. He made it clear that anybody coming for Cade Foster would have to go through him and the rest of the team first.

 Reggie Ragland

I am certainly not one to condone violence but you have to love a guy that is willing to stick his neck out there and defend his teammate by letting it be known if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. As for the idiots posting death threats on Twitter, I think they should be tracked down and prosecuted. I understand that football is an essential part of the culture in Alabama but threatening to kill somebody, who you were just cheering for last week might I add, is totally unacceptable and let’s not forget illegal.


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  • Try to bring a book into the state of Alabama they just wont allow it.

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