Reggie Wayne: Trent Richardson Felt Forced Into Colts Offense Too Quickly

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans

The million dollar question being asked around Indianapolis is simply this, what’s wrong with Trent Richardson, and how did he all of a sudden forget how to play running back?

Richardson for his part seems to think that the Colts move a little to quickly after acquiring him.

According to, Wayne told Jake Query and Derek Schultz of WNDE radio that he was a bit relieved after his benching, because “he felt the Colts forced him into his role to quickly.”

“He came to me, he wasn’t pouting or anything. This was the next day after he found out he was demoted and he said, “Now I can sit back and actually watch the way it’s supposed to be done.” He kind of feels that he was maybe forced into it early without actually learning it.”

Sadly this is true.

Richardson was expected to come in and be a factor back from day one because of the lofty expectations that come with being a No. 3 pick.

Richardson actually had less than three days to learn his Colts playbook, and his troubles started from there.

Wayne’s advice to Trent.

“Do better. Practice harder. Study longer.”

One thought on “Reggie Wayne: Trent Richardson Felt Forced Into Colts Offense Too Quickly

  • Trent Richardson act like playing running back is like playing QB, Safety, OL or LB. Playing back is not complicated it’s the easiest position to play in the sport of football. If this is true Trent Richardson maybe the most unintelligent player in the NFL.

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