Report: Bears Players Not Fully Behind Jay Cutler Starting

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

The Chicago Bears have a bit of a QB controversy on their hands. Starter Jay Cutler has been put back into the starting lineup today against the Browns by Marc Trestman but the teams may want Josh McCown to remain the starter according to an ESPN report:

One Bears player told ESPN’s Bob Holtzman that Cutler threw a number of interceptions in practice this week and that it’s been weeks since McCown — who leads the NFL in QBR — has thrown any. The player said with each mistake Cutler made the defense grew more and more frustrated.

I’m not sure anyone on the Bears defense has to the right to criticize the play of the offense right now. If that defense was any better, they might have a couple more wins. That being said, its always going to be controversial to remove a hot QB in the middle of a playoff push.

Jay Cutler has already thrown one INT in today’s game.