Report: Bears Prepared To Let Jay Cutler Walk

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The Chicago Bears are facing an interesting QB dilemma. Backup Josh McCown has played very well while filling in for injured started Jay Cutler which is good for the team but bad for Jay since he is in a contract year. The Bears are already said to not be willing to franchise Cutler and now they could be looking to move on without him completely:

“(The Bears) believe in (coach Marc) Trestman after what they’ve seen from (backup quarterback Josh) McCown,” the source said. “Between his system and the two big receivers (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery), you have a system where a quarterback can flourish. I don’t know if McCown is going to be the starter (next season), but I think the team would be fine letting Cutler test the market and then go draft someone if he left.”

Most people believe Jay Cutler falls into that gray area of a good but not great QB. McCown has been good and they have plenty of weapons around him. I think concerns about Jay’s injury history should be as alarming as his play. The only problem with turning the offense over to McCown is the fear that he turns into Matt Flynn.

2 thoughts on “Report: Bears Prepared To Let Jay Cutler Walk

  • Remember when Bears fans were peeing their pants in excitement after trading for Jeff George 2.0 (Cutler)?

  • The problem with McCown is that he will by 35 by the start of next season. The whole McCown doing good thing shows one thing, that a the bears have created an offense adaptable to a veteran qb. As long as the qb doesn’t try to do too much and just let the playmakers around him make plays he will be successful. McCown success shows that you can bring in someone to have if not the same but better results, since not too long ago McCown was out of the league coaching high school football. I think people (media) are creating this “qb controversy” for the simple fact to talk/write about a qb controversy, it doesn’t exist.

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