Report: Clippers Would Have Interest In Bynum If He’s Released

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The million dollar question in the whole Andrew Bynum debacle centers on whether or not the center truly is tired of playing basketball, or if he simply wants a change of scenery.

Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting that the L.A. Clippers would definitely have interest in Bynum if he’s released by the Cavs at some point.

As we reportedly earlier, Bynum has interest in getting to Miami or L.A., it’s simply now in Dan Gilbert’s hands.

One thought on “Report: Clippers Would Have Interest In Bynum If He’s Released

  • If Bynum has a problem with being on the floor, and gets ONLY 3 shots in a game in which Irving takes 33 (Missed 16) I have no problem with him speaking up about it. He was brought here to have an impact, not be an occasional contributor. If I’m the Cavs, I first do a better job of communicating, and resolving issues in house. With what the Cavs have on the floor, especially in the post (Bynum, Thompson) there is NO REASON for Irving to take 33 shots in ANY game.

    I eat the contract, I eat it all… I throw a little Frank’s® red hot sauce on there (that shit goes with everything) and I savor the flavor. It’s not the first time the Cavs have taken on or paid a bad contract. Varejao has made damn near $30 MIL while playing only about 85 games the past 3 years, and he isn’t half the player Bynum is. What Bynum has done is showed he could play. The hard part is over, the risk has already been taken, he’s rehabbed, and had a presence on the court, Cutting the check is the EASY part.

    No NBA team in their right mind will give up anything for Bynum at this point, knowing how the Cavs handled things, they’ll just sit back, and wait for him to be waived, and sign him for nothing, and don’t think teams are salivating at the thought of Bynum hitting the streets. Because I am who I AM, I don’t speak of Bynum outside the locker-room, I talk to him and ask him how we can make this work here, and then I re-evaluate some things. Let’s be honest, the Cavs need Bynum a hell of a lot more than he needs them (don’t believe me, watch and see what happens when he gets released, and he knows it)

    I don’t attempt to trade him, I let him know I’M ALL IN! When January 7th comes, and he gets that other $6 MIL, I pick up the team option, so now I own that ass for another year. So either he can stay and play, someone will HAVE to trade for him, he can request his deal be terminated and he then gets nothing, or he can act a fool, and be suspended without pay, either way, I’m assuming the position of control. Cleveland is NOT a destination for top tier FA’s and it gets no bigger than this. How this is MISHANDLED will definitely leave an impression for others to take notice of. Making this work will also go a long way in retaining Irving, if they have a sincere desire to do so.

    Waiters is slowly embracing his role, now Bynum is next…

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