Man Killed During Fight Outside of Arrowhead Stadium During Broncos vs. Chiefs


Car Arrowhead Stadium 2

According to KCTV 5 in Kansas City a father and son were going to their car during the Broncos vs. Chiefs game when they noticed another man going through through their car.

At that point a fight broke out and a man who is believed to be the one who was going through the car was injured.  He was not stabbed or shot and police didn’t disclose any more information.

He was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries.  The police are treating this as a homicide, but will not say if  the father and son in custody.  It is also unknown if the man who died had a previous health condition, was trying to steal the car or just mistakenly got into the wrong car.

Violence at stadiums, ballparks and arenas have been happening way too often.  The details are sketchy on this, but no one needed to die and there will be great repercussions because of the actions of everyone involved.

Please be careful when you are at games and if you someone is threatening you or you feel threaten walk away and get the proper security personnel.

Car Arrowhead Stadium


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