Report: Heat, Clippers And Celtics Targeting Andrew Bynum If He’s Cut

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Man it sure pays to be a 7-footer.

Andrew Bynum amid questions about his character, knees, and love for the game, is still going to get interest on the open market.

Several reports suggest that the Heat, Clippers and Celtics would target Bynum immediately if he’s released.

According to USA Today, the Clippers would have interest in Bynum if he’s released. The Clippers have major depth issues with their frontline, essentially only having DeAndre Jordan as their only center.

CBS Sports is reporting that Bynum could be a option for the Celtics also.

And a third team that’s come up is the Boston Celtics. They have assets and expiring contracts they could potentially unload, but the Celtics have a pretty specific plan in place that seems to be working, so adding Bynum could be risky, especially since he’d be heading to another rebuilding situation.

This is all being speculated despite the assertion that Bynum doesn’t really even want to play anymore.  It will be interesting to see if the lore of a playoff run and nice weather in Miami or L.A. could help get Bynum inspired.

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  • Do these general managers have any common sense? Do these general managers suffer from short term memory loss? Do these people remember what Andrew Bynum did during the 2011 playoffs vs. the Dallas Mavericks? Why would anybody invest money in a loser like Andrew Bynum? Think people think!

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