Report: J.R. Smith Refuses To Shoot After Heated Exchange With Mike Woodson


This is not the J.R. Smith we’ve all become accustomed to.

I mean as far as his refusal to shoot.  Everything else sounds about right.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Smith took 1 shot against the Boston Celtics one night after Smith and Mike Woodson had a heated exchange about his shot selection.

Sources say Smith made it his purpose against the Celtics to not put up one shot.

According to a team source, Woodson admonished Smith for poor shot selection during the Bulls game and then became upset over something Smith said on the bench. Woodson waited until after the game to express his disappointment with Smith’s attitude and reminded the volatile shooting guard that he’s been his strongest advocate for the past two seasons.

“Mike said that after all I’ve done for you I can’t have you talking back to me like that,” the source claimed. The same source added that Smith made a lewd comment that angered Woodson.

During Thursday’s practice, Woodson used the game film from the win over the Bulls to demonstrate moments when Smith forced shots when he could have passed. Smith’s response to Woodson’s coaching lesson was to attempt one shot in 27 minutes against the Boston Celtics.

Saturday night, Smith scored two points, making just one shot on eight attempts in 24 minutes, and appeared to be benched in the fourth quarter of a 111-106 win over the Hawks at the Garden.

I fully support Mike Woodson on this one.  J.R. Smith out of all the Knicks should watch what comes out of his mouth towards Woodson.