Report: Jason Kidd Safe As Nets Coach Until Team Gets Healthy


The Nets are a mess, but the one thing working in Jason Kidd’s favor is his teams horrible health.

Brooklyn has lost several of its key players due to injury, including Deron Williams, Paul Pierce,Andrei Kirilenko, and Jason Terry at some point or another.

Despite the blowout losses and the dismal performance on the court, Kidd is in no danger of losing his job just yet.  According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, Kidd is safe, while the Nets try and get healthy.

Kidd isn’t in as much trouble as you’d think. The Nets don’t believe they’ll get an accurate picture of what he can do as a coach until they’ve got their full complement of players. That means the clock isn’t ticking on him until after Deron Williams comes back and starts playing regularly.

I agree with Lawrence.

Regardless of the Nets record and their woes, Kidd can’t fully be graded until he has his point guard, Kirilenko, and his full stable of players.