Report: Jim Schwartz Unlikely To Keep Job If Lions Miss Playoffs


The Detroit Lions have some studs on their roster, so it would definitely be a prime job if a coaching vacancy were to open up some how.

Ian Rapoport reported Monday on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access” that Schwartz is unlikely to keep his coaching job if the Lions miss the postseason, according to team sources.

The belief around the league and the organization is that the Lions have enough talent on a roster that includes a franchise quarterback in Matthew Stafford, the game’s top wide receiver in Calvin Johnson and a gifted defensive line led by Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.

Schwartz is trying to avoid the negative hype.

“There are negative voices all over this business,” Schwartz told NFL Media columnist Michael Silver. “Those same voices told me I was committing career suicide when I took the Lions job, that it was unfixable and the worst in the NFL.

“There’s too much for me to be positive about to buy into the negativity,” he added. “I have three games for an NFC North title. I’m going to try to win them.”

Schwartz needs two wins and some help or he’ll likely be seeking new employment next month.

Sorry Jim, but it’s a wrap for you.