Report: Knicks Won’t Consider Trading Carmelo Anthony


This season will tell a lot about Carmelo Anthony’s mental toughness, and how far he’s come in that department.

The Knicks have struggled badly out the gate, and the notions that Anthony is selfish, and a non winner have ratcheted up with each passing loss.

Carmelo will have the opportunity to become a free agent for the first time, and many around the league don’t feel that he’ll resign with the Knicks.

With that thought, some wonder if the Knicks should cut their losses, and trade their embattled star now while they still can get compensation.

Brian Windhorst of is reporting that the New York Knicks have zero intentions of try to trade their star.

If the Knicks do not turn around their season when Tyson Chandler returns from injury, you can expect the Anthony issue to become a monster heading toward the February trade deadline. Because if Anthony doesn’t think the Knicks are best for him over the next five years, he will make it an issue and possibly force a trade again if he thinks that would be best for him.

The Knicks, sources say, have zero intention of trading Anthony no matter what he says about next summer. Not only did owner Jim Dolan personally seal the deal to bring Anthony to New York, but the front office realizes it has one of the most talented players in the league and won’t be able to get fair value in return.

Anthony won’t be traded, and most likely will re-up with the Knicks because he likes money and the Knicks can offer the most.

The melodrama to this whole thing is nice though.