Report: Lakers Will Trade Pau Gasol If His Play Or Attitude Does Not Improve


It looks like Pau Gasol and Mike D’Antoni have had about enough of one another.

According to CBS Sports, the Lakers seem faced with Gasols play and attitude improving, or shipping the mercurial big man out of town, regardless of what Kobe Bryant wants.

The Los Angeles Lakers prefer to keep struggling center Pau Gasol and believe he eventually will have success in coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, but his recent comments and subpar play have caused them to begin weighing whether to make him available before the NBA’s annual trade deadline in February, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

The Lakers have yet to engage in any Gasol-related trade discussions with other teams, sources told But Gasol’s recent comments about his frustrations with his role in the Lakers’ offense, his impending free agency, and his struggles offensively and particularly defensively have essentially forced the team to consider its options.

Gasol of course has not been particularly happy about getting the ball, and ripped D’Antoni, saying he’s all over the place. 

D’Antoni fired back questioning Gasols, work ethic, and desire.