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Report: Mariners Break Off Talks With Robinson Cano Over Jay Z’s Demands

by Glenn Erby | Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013
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Well we will now get to see what kind of staying power Jay Z and his Roc Nation Sports Agency will truly have when it comes to making power moves in the sports world.

Mark Feinsand is reporting that the mega contract talks between Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners have fell apart and are most likely done because of Jay Z’s excessive demands on the Mariners providing Cano with a 10th year.

According to Feinsand, the Mariners were prepared to make Cano a 9 year $225 million offer.


According to two sources briefed on the situation, negotiations between the free agent second baseman’s lone stalking horse — the Mariners — and Cano’s camp — led by rapper-turned super-agent Jay Z and CAA’s Brodie Van Wagenen — collapsed after Jay Z apparently overplayed his hand in a negotiating session with the Mariners Thursday.

Cano and his camp arrived in Seattle with what sources described as basically an eight-year deal for $200 million in hand and the assurances that Seattle would go to nine years and $225 million. But when Jay Z then upped the ante to 10 years for $252 million, Mariners president Howard Lincoln apparently “exploded,” according to one of the sources, and ended the meeting.

I’m sure there’s plenty more to the story, but for now, Jay Z, the new hot shot rapper/agent, will definitely take the blame for this from the tabloids.

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  1. Truth says:

    hahahahahaha, why can’t i predict the lotto numbers the way i predicted this. SMH, Well i guess cano had to learn the hard way. what kind of a moron leaves the best agent in all of sports to sign with a rookie who has NO SPORTS EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER .

  2. Jim B says:

    Master P couldn’t do it and he’s very intelligent. I knew Jay Z would have trouble doing it.

  3. Coalblak says:

    Well right now it seems the media couldn’t wait to report this. No matter how you feel, Jay-Z is a threat to the many sports agents in the business already and whatever connections those sports agents have to the media they will milk it to make him look bad. This is not over yet and we don’t know all of the details so it’s best to wait and see. These things happen in contract negotiations all the time and I’m sure there has been lots of agents who’ve had owners or GMs abruptly end negotiations similar to what happened with Jay-Z. I’m sure Cano will still get a great deal wherever he lands

    • Truth says:

      this is not over yet? if what they are reporting is correct , im pretty sure CAA will end its relationship with jay-Z to avoid having bad blood with MLB teams.
      basically they are saying the CAA agent had a deal at 9 yrs for 225 and jay-Z came in demanding 10 at 252 , if there is any truth to this then, that would probably be the end of this experiment.

      • Coalblak says:

        I doubt it Truth. Every agent tries to get the best deal for his client and they overestimate their client’s value to get a max deal. It backfired against Jay-Z but I still think Cano will get a max deal. No need for everyone to overreact and claim Jay-Z will be dropped.

        • Truth says:

          i know about that, but if this is true it’s completely different. because supposedly they Agreed on the terms, which is why cano flew to Seattle, the agent from CAA was the one who was negotiating with seattle and agreed on the terms which is why they met with cano , but then jay-z came in and blew things up . this is why i am saying if this is true it could spell the end. normally when agents try to get a better deal its in the negotiating phase , not when you start to agree to a max term the team is willing to go.

          • Coalblak says:

            Truth, this was a power play and an attempt at leverage. They (CAA & Jay-Z) knew Seattle was serious about signing him but Jay-Z purposely sabotaged the deal because I doubt there was ever any intention to sign with Seattle because they are terrible and desperate for a big name so they are willing to overpay. Cano wants to be a Yankee and it will happen but not for the amount of money he’s asking for. They were just using Seattle for leverage. If somehow it doesn’t workout for the Yankees the only other team I can see Cano signing with is the Dodgers. Jay-Z’s relationship with CAA will be fine. Trust me this happens all of the time; it just doesn’t get reported like this. They are only doing it because it’s Jay-Z.

          • Truth says:

            They are reporting that cano signed with seattle right now, hopefully this does not damage his rep as an agent . but he still got the 10 yr , though they are reporting its for 240

  4. Coalblak says:

    Yep I knew it. You panicked along with everyone else. Jay-Z ain’t MasterP

  5. Coalblak says:

    Not only did he get more money with Seattle than he did with the Yankees but Jay-Z got him his 10th year. Like I said this happens all the time in contract negotiations. Both sides sometimes overreact and walk away from the table then they come back allow cooler heads prevail and make a deal. I thought he would sign with the Yankees so I was wrong on that one but like I said earlier Seattle is desparate for star power. Cano got his money but man it’s going to be tough to win in Seattle.

    • Truth says:

      not really though, he got him his money but he also in the process, basically ended his career (in terms of relevancy), i am 100% sure that boras would of gotten him paid in NY. because boras got ellsbury to sign just to mess with jay z i am pretty sure. now you got your 10yrs , but you are not going to get any endorsements out in Seattle like you could get in NY . but hey he did better than i thought

  6. coalblak says:

    New York is a much bigger TV and endorsement market than Seattle so it’s obvious his endorsement opportunities will be limited so that’s why you make up for the $70 million they Yankees shorted you but signing for 10yrs $240 million. The yanks were only offering 7yrs $170 million so he more than made up for endorsement deals he may lose being in NY. Also Washington does not have state tax. Now at this point in his career where he’s at his best and in his prime he had to go for the money. Hopefully Seattle can put a championship team around him. History says no but this is a classic case of an athlete going for the money and I don’t blame him for it but don’t complain if you are not winning. Cudos to Jay-Z as well.

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