Report: Mike Shanahan Likely To Be Fired


Mike shanahan contract extension

Mike Shanahan has repeatedly said that he will not resign as the coach of the Washington Redskins. Now reports are out according to the Washington Post that it is likely that he will be fired after the season:

“Several people familiar with the situation continued to say this week they believe it’s likely that the Redskins and Shanahan will part ways,” Maske wrote Friday. “Some of those people said they think the scenario by which Shanahan might stay is if he and Snyder refuse to budge on financial considerations. …

“It has been speculated that Shanahan will make significant changes to his coaching staff, perhaps with new offensive and defensive coordinators, if he does stay. So it appears almost certain the Redskins are facing widespread changes. They also have a large number of players eligible for free agency, particularly on defense.”

If the only reason that people think Shanahan will come back is because Dan Snyder doesn’t want to pay the $7 million dollars, then just rip the band-aid off and fire him. It’s not like they are potentially keeping him in hopes that he gets the team going in the right direction.

It’s time for the Redskins to clean house.


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