Report: Nick Saban Still Deciding Between Bama Or Texas


Well we can maybe end the speculation now, and just accept that Nick Saban has a decision to make, and he’ll take as long as he wants.

Colin Cowherd of ESPN is reporting that Saban is simply trying to decide if he wants to remain at Alabama, or try and rebuild the Texas program.

The man doesn’t need the money, so it’s simply a question of whether Saban wants his final act to be the ressurection of Texas, or if he’s content with passing the legacy of Bear Bryant, and remaining the king at Alabama.


One thought on “Report: Nick Saban Still Deciding Between Bama Or Texas

  • If he has to decide that he wants to leave or not, then please go. its becoming more obvious that he is turning out to be the guy that everyone said he would be. We are Alabama football. Been champions before he was here and will be again. Roll tide with or without the sabans

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