Report: Texas Interested In Chip Kelly


Chip Kelly is making this NFL transition thing look beyond easy, so would he ever consider a return to college football after one season with the Eagles.

According to a report by CBS Sports via Chris Mortensen, Chip Kelly is high on the Texas Longhorns list of potential candidates to replace Mack Brown.

“League sources say Chip Kelly is prominent on the new list of new Longhorns AD Steve Patterson, who’s heard that Kelly misses some aspects of the college football game,” Mortensen said. “If Kelly is interested, an NCAA expert believes that the 18-month show cause for sanctions at Oregon was more like a slap on the wrist and was not a major hurdle.”

Kelly wouldn’t comment on Mortensen report, but a team spokesman told Mort that Kelly “laughed it off” when he was told that his name was on the list.

I personally think this rumor has no leg.

Chip Kelly still has a show cause sanction that would need to be looked and completed before he could be a college coach again.

Also, ditching the Eagles after one season wouldn’t be the brightest nor classiest move for Kelly to make at this point.

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  • Charlie Strong, David Shaw, James Franklin, these black head coaches would be perfect for Texas. Why won’t the Longhorns hire them!

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