Report: Texas Offering Nick Saban $100 Million To Leave Bama


The reports about Nick Saban heading to Texas are only rumors at this time, but boy are they heating up.

Stefan Stevenson of the Forth Worth Star Telegram is reporting that Nick Saban to Texas is a done deal at this point.

Multiple reports have Saban being offered a deal from Texas in the 10 years $100 million range.

From Football Braniacs:

We have word now from two trusted sources that Nick Saban to Texas is a done deal. One of the sources said the money he will get is substantial (obviously) but we haven’t got any word on what that number might be.

UPDATE: for those asking for exact dates on when this is going to happen. We don’t know. We are telling you what we know which is that we have two very good sources that have told us that Nick Saban is going to Texas and one of the sources said that the money is going to be substantial. We would not have run this unless we trusted the sources.

We received word from one source saying it was going to happen and then we contacted a second source asking for confirmation and the second source confirmed. That’s what we know.

Dean Blevins is reporting that Texas is offering Saban $100 million and 1% of Longhorn Network to leave Alabama.



7 thoughts on “Report: Texas Offering Nick Saban $100 Million To Leave Bama

  • What is 1% of nothing since the LHN has already tanked?

    • Well considering ESPN already paid $300 million for LHN, that would be $3 million plus 1% of any money that would come from future contracts. And with all the intrigue surrounding Texas football, those contracts would most likely last through Saban’s career and at least another 5-10 years after he retires

    • Oh almost forgot. With Time Warner already caving on the LHN deal and the addition of the best coach in college football, DirecTV is almost guaranteed to add the channel. This will ultimately make it the next sports channel to have.

  • We all hope this will happen and crush Bama football..

    • Ditto

    • That also means Kirby Smart is the next Mike DuBose…

  • Sounds like more rumor BS to me. It’s not like Alabama couldn’t afford to match it and they’re already letting him run the sports program however he wants. As for “hoping to crush” their football program, that’s the worst kind of fan there is. I always want to win, not hurt the school the team belongs to.

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