RG3 Says He Never Feared Losing His Job To Kirk Cousins


Now we’re getting to the root of all the turmoil in Washington D.C.

Could the growing friction between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan possibly have something to do with Shanahan drafting Kirk Cousins in the same draft.

Griffin III reportedly has been bothered by comments from a report on NFL.com over the weekend that said Griffin feared Cousins might take over as the Redskins’ No. 1 while he worked his way back from a knee injury.

Redskins coaches have noticed an insecurity with Griffin this season, and some in the organization believed part of his motivation to quickly return from ACL surgery was driven out of fear that Kirk Cousins would make a run at his job.


Part of why RGIII went to Baylor was to start right away, and he never really had his job threatened, even after his first torn ACL. The NFL simply is a colder place, and knowing how intelligent Griffin is, there can’t be much question he recognizes that.

Griffin III, in a phone interview with Tarik El Bashir of CSNWashington.com, addressed rumors that he rushed back from his ACL injury because he feared losing his job to Cousins.

Me and Kirk have always been good,” Griffin told CSNwashington.com. “That’s not an issue.  The way I look at it, hard work, dedication and God’s grace is what helped me come back and play so quick.”

He added, “Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not that guy. I’m not the guy that these negative articles are trying to paint me to be.”