Rich Homie Quan Plans to Be With MSU at Rose Bowl

Rich Homie Quan

I kind of saw this coming, just more surprised that it took so long.

The Michigan State Spartans have had quite the season this year and find themselves headed to their first Rose Bowl appearance since 1988. One of the more funny stories about their season is head coach Mark Dantonio’s fascination with rapper Rich Home Quan and his smash hit ‘Type of Way.’ If you weren’t aware, this is Dantonio himself dancing to Rich Homie earlier this season. Then subsequently shouting him out after winning the Big Ten Championship.

As the Spartans seemed to adapt ‘Type of Way’ as the song of their season, it seems only right that Quan himself be present for the school’s biggest game in a very long time. He elaborated on it to about what it means to him to be able to feel apart of MSU.

“I want to be out there in a green jersey and feel a part of Michigan State,” Quan told in an exclusive interview. “I want to be at the game, I want to be out there with them. I feel a part of Michigan State now, and you don’t even know what it means to me.”

“Coach said my name twice, and it sent chills through me,” said Quan, who played football through his youth. “He could have mentioned anyone in the whole world. I mean, a man 57 years old liking me and doing that. I truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.”

This is just an awesome story and I personally would be extremely excited if Quan decided to perform at the Rose Bow.