Ronda Rousey’s Corner Bets $20k a Fight on Her


Ronda Rousey has been in the news quite a bit recently. Earlier today we told you about her “Kim K Had D*ck in Her Mouth & She’s Ok” blunder but in an interview with Fox Sports, she says that her corner bets big on her to win and she is flattered by it:

“My whole corner bets on me,” Rousey told FOX Sports. “They get mad at me because my odds always suck. They split like over 20 grand every fight because they believe in me. It doesn’t put any extra pressure on me. I’m like, ‘F— yeah.’ My guys have so much faith in me they’ll put down 20 grand to win five.”

I know that Ronda has to keep interest up for her upcoming fight but this won’t help her rehab her image at all. It’s always a sensitive subject of gambling within sports so she probably should have just stayed quiet on this one. It’s a nice show of support by her people though.

Either way, I will be watching UFC  168 next Saturday December 28th to see if Rousey who is an 8-1 favorite can beat her rival Miesha Tate.

One thought on “Ronda Rousey’s Corner Bets $20k a Fight on Her

  • Of course she will win. Dont be a bimbo. The fight to watch is silva vs Weidman.

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