Roy Hibbert Tells LaMarcus Aldridge The Pacers Will See Blazers In Finals


NBA: Indiana Pacers at Portland Trail Blazers

Did we really see a preview of the NBA Finals during last nights Pacers vs Blazers matchup?

Roy Hibbert seems to think so.

Portland survived a 43 point explosion from Paul George to steal a 106-102 victory from the Pacers.  After the game Hibbert and LaMarcus Aldridge exchanged some Tweets regarding the physical play and Aldridge possibly hitting Hibbert in a sensitive male region of the body.

During the back and forth, Hibbert let Aldridge know that the two teams would see each again, specifically in the NBA Finals.

I believe Hibbert and the Pacers will hold up their end of the bargain, but we’ll take a wait and see approach with the Trail Blazers.


  1. the only way they will be seeing each other in the finals is if they buy tickets to the games.

    blazers have a better shot though

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