Roy Williams Wonders Which UNC Team Will Show Up For Kentucky

Roy Williams

Roy Williams has had his share of great UNC Tar Heel teams that simply had to show up to win most nights.  The 2013-14 version of the Tar Heels is no where close.

UNC can come out and knock off No. 1 Louisville one night, and lose to the worst division 1 team in america the next.  That is the plight of Roy Williams and the current crop of Tar Heels.


He doesn’t know when ineligible guards P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald will be cleared to play this season.

Williams spoke with Yahoo Sports, and honestly couldn’t tell you which Carolina team will show up.

“The consistency is what you like – Tyler Hansbrough scored in double figures 55 consecutive games,” Williams said Thursday. “We don’t have that, and the biggest problem is, how long does it take you to find that out? Does it take you until the last minute of the game, and then you say, ‘God almighty, if I’d known that earlier I would have changed things.’

“That’s probably the most difficult part. You don’t know who’s going to play for you that game.”

“You don’t know,” Williams said. “You just go ahead and prepare every day.”