Royce White Says He’s Willing to Fly Now to Get Back Into NBA


What happens to a Con Man, when the con game is up?

They start to change their story. Remember when Royce White refused to fly and said he wanted a luxury bus to drive him to all his games? He is changing his tune now that he is unemployed.

That’s been overblown, but that is the world that is the media,” White said. “I flew the preseason without medication, partly to show that I was willing to travel and to see if I could do it.”

It is the media’s fault now?

But, con men find it hard to let go of their scam and White still wants special treatment from teams.

“For me, it’s can we find a team that has the right setup, has an open mind, wants to understand what I’m saying, and other things that we’ve discovered since I’ve been in the league.”

Be well Royce, be well.

2 thoughts on “Royce White Says He’s Willing to Fly Now to Get Back Into NBA

  • Wow, what journalism.

  • To be fair, him not making the team had more to do with his poor work ethics, being out of shape, having problems guarding the quicker players (foul trouble) not bonding with this young team (missed the trip overseas).
    There are plent of other off court baggage but I only wanted to bring up things that related to his old job.

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