Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant Pulled Away From Heckling Hawks Fan (Video)

Russell Westbrook Returns Tonight.

When it comes to heckling there is a line that shouldn’t be cross. I am going to assume for KD and Westbrook to get this annoyed some line has been crossed.

I can understand being a Hawks fan can be depressing, but don’t take it out on the players. Here is what the players had to say after the game according to SLAM.

Kevin Durant, in a clear sarcastic tone: ‘He really respected how we played the game. He just wanted to tell all of us one-by-one.’ Russell Westbrook, when asked if the fan was chirping at him: ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Kendrick Perkins on the fan: ‘Sometimes they can get a little disrespectful.’”

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill