Santana Moss on Officiating: ‘It’s the Worst I’ve Ever Seen’


It was only a season ago in the NFL when we had replacement refs and all the complaints were that they were ruining the game. However, it seems that 2013 hasn’t fared better with the regular refs and according to CBS Sports Santana Moss is speaking out about it. This comes in response to the previous Redskins game where the refs incorrectly told Mike Shanahan that it was a first down in a fourth quarter drive.

We’ve seen other major blunders by the refs such as the infamous picking up of the flag during the Patriots game and the incident with Mike Tomlin not being called for interference against the Ravens. Santana Moss has had enough of the mistakes and spoke to the media about it.

“It’s probably been worse this whole year as a total, not just this team. But I’ve watched a lot of football this year. It’s been the worst that I’ve ever seen.”

“You’ve got guys … catching balls and they take two steps and they get tackled. The ball come out after they hit the ground. It’s no good. And you have another guy do it the next week, he gets the catch.

“Come on. Somebody have to change that rule. I hate the calls now where you see guys — and this is mostly receivers I’m looking at — catching a ball and you fall out of bounds, and you have a [defensive back], now … you’re out of bounds and the guy is still swiping at the ball. And now the guy hits the ball and it bobbles in your hand but you still have the ball on you — no catch. Someone has to change that.

“I understand [there are] so many things being changed. But at the end of the day, some of that stuff is crap. So hopefully somebody who’s in a higher position that can really watch this season alone and see some of the stuff that’s being called and hasn’t been called, they can go and try to critique that because it’s been the worst by far since I’ve been in the league.”

The VP of Officals Dean Blandino has addressed that the refs need to do a better job of determining what is a catch, but it’s a wait and see to how officials will make in-game improvements on their calls.