Shaq Goes to Court to Keep His Kids Off Shaunie’s Reality TV Show



I think anyone who has watched Basketball Wives over the last couple of years can understand Shaq’s concerns.

Shaq’s Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neal has a new reality show “The Shaunie Project” which is basically about her and Shaq’s kids. She says the show will be wholesome fun like the Cosby Show, but Shaq disagrees.

According to TMZ, he has gone to court to block the kids from appearing on the show.  He believes the producers will push for drama and dysfunction, which won’t be good for the kids in the short and long-term. Shaunie will counter by saying shooting is starting in January, so too late to stop now.

Who do you side with?


  1. Shaq… Any Female who is ALREADY WELL OFF $$$ Wise via The FATHER’S Incomewanting to expose Her Kids on a Reality TV Show is PURE TRASH #IMO

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