Shaunie O’Neal Says Shaq Secretly Negotiated To Have Kids On Reality Show




A new twist to the story…

Shaunie O’neal has come back swinging just a day removed to Shaq going to court to stop her from having their kids on her new reality show ‘The Shaunie Project’.

According to TMZ, Shaq was the one who initially got the ball rolling on the idea of having their kids on tv:

Shaunie filed unsigned contracts and correspondence with the court — obtained by TMZ — in which it’s clear … Shaq was negotiating to become a part of the reality show.  Shaq was negotiating not only his participation in the show, but his 4 kids as well.

Shaunie submitted a sworn declaration from the head producer, who claims Shaq gave him the green light to do the show, only to withdraw permission after saying the show is “not a good look for me.”

Now sources close to Shaq are rebutting by saying Shaq was at first in favor of the idea, but after discovering one of his children has a serious learning problem he pulled out from the idea, to protect his child.

It’s sad that the on-going back and forth between these two is now centering about their children. Hopefully some resolution is reached quickly.


  1. If you choose to save hoes like Shaq, you wind up with a problem, a life time problem. The life time problem is a leech name Shaunie O’Neal. That gold digger will be digging for money for the rest of her life; even she has to exploit her own children.

    • I agree, when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. But Shaq also has no credibility so far as doing the right thing, unless it is for himself. He is a clown who cannot stand for others to rise to his level or higher. When that starts to happen, the clown becomes an obstructionist.