Spurs Haven’t Practiced In Over A Month


Who needs practice when you have all time greats littered everywhere on the roster.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the Spurs have had such a brutal schedule over the last month, that head coach Gregg Popovich can’t remember the last time they practiced.

Eight days remain in the cruelest two months of the season for the Spurs, a stretch coach Gregg Popovich has called horrible. Even the Christmas Day game is the front half of a set of back-to-back games. The team is scheduled to depart for Dallas after playing the Rockets at the AT&T Center.

The November and December schedules have been so full of games and travel days that Popovich has chosen to use off days as rest days, including Sunday. Asked to recall the last practice, Popovich furrowed his brow, scratched his head and gave up. “I can’t remember,” he said.

In fact, the last real practice was Nov. 19, during a stretch of four days without a game after returning from a victory in Utah and preceding a home win over Boston. Popovich calls maintaining consistency the biggest challenge of long stretches without practice. “There’s always some slippage as far as execution is concerned,” he said. “You just play games. You don’t get a chance to review or do any muscle memory things or get to the practice court.”

Who needs practice when you have Popovich, Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, and Tiago Splitter.