Tea Party Files Lawsuit To Stop Braves New Stadium From Being Built

Braves Fans


The Tea Party tries to rain on all kinds of parades, this time it’s the Atlanta (Cobb County) Braves they’re up against.

Members of the Tea Party are expected to file a lawsuit against the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, who voted 4-1 to proceed in stadium construction plans, which will use up about $300 million in tax payer money.

Debra Dooley of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots (guess, that’s what they call themselves these days) stated the following, via Fox Sports:

“If Cobb County is allowed to get away with this, you can bet other counties will do everything in their power to circumvent a vote by the people for something like this.”

Despite the ‘Party’s’ fiery passion to make the ‘voice of the people heard’ it’s unlikely that their complaints alone will stop plans. The Cobb County Board of Commissioners promised a $400 million complex to go alongside the new stadium–which will include new hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and apartments to be built.