Texas A&M Darian Claiborne Arrested for Hiding Weed in Hershey’s Kiss (Mugshot)

Darian Claiborne mugshot

I must admit this was pretty quick thinking by freshman LB Darian Claiborne, just didn’t work out too well in the end. Cops pulled Claiborne and his friends over because they didn’t have plates on the front of their car.

I like to call these stops….

“Let’s see if we can get lucky and find something on them”

In this case, the cops originally didn’t find much. The kids weren’t wearing their seat belts and Claiborne insisted what cops thought was weed was really just a black and mild cigar.

They were just about to get off when the cops searched a red plastic Hershey’s kiss ornament in the car and found some weed and 5 adderall pills (no word if the Seahawks supplied the pills).

Claiborne tried to say the pills were to help him with Finals, but the damage was done.  He and his crew were arrested and he was suspended from playing in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

The charges he is looking at are possession of a dangerous drug and possession of marijuana. He has been released from jail.