The Jags Have Playoff Hopes….For Real


According to the the Jaguars can make the playoffs if the following happens.

1. Jacksonville wins out: The Jaguars have remaining games against Buffalo, Tennessee and on the road in Indianapolis. They are all winnable games, especially considering the Colts will likely be resting up for the playoffs.

2. Baltimore loses three of last four: The Ravens need to lose to the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals. All games they could very well lose.

3. Tennessee loses to Denver, and wins no more than one game against the Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans. A loss to the Broncos is a distinct possibility. Houston is abysmal, while Arizona is decently respectable at 7-5.

4. Miami beats Pittsburgh, before losing three straight to end the regular season: New England Patriots, at Buffalo Bills, vs. New York Jets. This is definitely a long shot scenario.

I for one am rooting for this scenario.