Tony Romo Gets Epidural Shot For His Back

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People seem to have a hard time critiquing Romo’s play in an unbiased light. Either you are a hater or groupie of his. When in reality it is very simple. He is a very good quarterback who has done some very good things, that has a tendency to have turnovers at the worst possible moments.

Because people remember failures more than successes, those turnovers are magnified especially when you are the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

It really isn’t that hard, but being fair and balance isn’t cool anymore, everyone has to have a HOT TAKE. Romo’s toughness can’t be questioned, he has played through injuries and is someone who puts everything on the line for the team.

But, I wouldn’t want that toughness to be the reason he plays injured and hurts himself even more. ESPN is reporting that he got an Epidural Shot in his back to ease some of the pain and is trying to play this weekend against the Eagles.

As someone who has received a shot like this, I can tell you it provides immediate relief, but the one thing they tell you is to take it easy, because one wrong move can make the pain 10x worse than it was before. For a regular person like me that meant not lifting any heavy boxes, I am sure being hit by 300LB lineman also something the doctor would advise against as well.  You check your lines at for the Cowboys vs. Eagles to see how the injury has affected the point spread.  While Romo does get a lot of criticism (some fair, some not), there is no doubt that he gives the Cowboys the best chance to succeed, but the shouldn’t risk his long-term health.

Romo has some years left on his career, don’t jeopardize it for one game.