Troy Polamalu On His Steelers Future: “Chips Will Land Wherever They May”

Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a set way of doing business, so Troy Polamalu can feel a little comfortable about his future with the team.  With a $10.9 million cap hit, Polamalu is fully aware that anything can happen in the business of football.

When asked if this was his last game as a Steeler, or if he would retire, Polamalu told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he was unsure of his future, and that the “chips would land wherever they may.”

“I don’t know,” the seven-time Pro Bowl safety said Thursday about his future in Pittsburgh. “My intention is to play on Sunday, and we’ll see what happens from there on.”

Might he retire, if he doesn’t like the direction the Steelers are headed following what, at best, will be a second successive 8-8 season?

“I don’t know,” Polamalu said. “I really don’t know. … The chips will land wherever they may after this game, and we’ll see.

“I want to play this game as long and as good as I can play it. Whenever that (retirement) time comes, it will come. I’m not sure when it will come, though.”

Polamalu is aware that the Steelers could immediately cut him, and get $8.5 million of cap relief.