UNC Celebrates MSU Victory Like Final Four Appearance (Video)

UNC Beats Michigan State

Roy Williams’ Tar Heels played well in last night’s impressive win over number one ranked Michigan State. Understandably, the team which lost its top 25 ranking after a disappointing loss to UAB, was happy about the win.

Being proud of a hard fought victory against a Final Four caliber Michigan State is fine, especially after losses to Belmont and UAB that are totally uncharacteristic of such a storied program. But a celebratory locker room like one you’d find after winning a game that puts you into the Final Four, is a bit much.

What happened to the UNC team with so much confidence and swagger that winning was normal? Is this such a down year that a MSU victory evokes so much excitement? I don’t think so. The Tar Heels are a good, albeit inconsistent, team that has managed a 5-2 record AND defeated two top 5 teams without their #1 player.

Roy Williams dancing in the locker room after an early season win? That’s not the UNC I know. Act like you have the history you have. Act like you’ve been there before. Act like winning is what it should be for the Tar Heels…normal.

2 thoughts on “UNC Celebrates MSU Victory Like Final Four Appearance (Video)

  • Vashti,
    YOU need to get a LIFE.
    A: The locker room stuff is NOT that atypical of what happens when ANY top team wins a game NO one expected.

    B: The last part of video was the pep band and fans, apparently after they arrived back at UNC.

    Somehow THAT is a problem?

    Get a life…it’s FAR less than many teams do, on significantly LESS important wins.

    Pathetic waste article attempting to degrade a team.

  • These are still 18, 19, 20 year old kids!! Let them celebrate great wins and enjoy their time in college! Good on Roy Williams for getting in there with them and enjoying the moment…It’s what everyone should do IN COLLEGE!!

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