Utah Jazz Assistant Sidney Lowe Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

sidney lowe

Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Sidney Lowe has plead guilty to tax evasion. CBS Sports has the full story:

According to the AP, the former North Carolina State coach — who was also on the Wolfpack’s 1983 championship team — was in Wake County District Court on Wednesday, and with the guilty plea, he’ll not have to spend 45 days in jail, but instead have 36 months of “unsupervised probation.” Lowe will also be obligated to undergo 100 hours of community service within the next 365 days — and of course has to pay back the taxes he evaded: nearly $80,000.

Lowe, 53, is currently employed at the NBA level, working with the Utah Jazz as an assistant. The tax returns in question were from his final three seasons with North Carolina State.

“The agency says Lowe didn’t file his state tax returns for those years even after he was contacted about it — but he did file them prior to his court date,” according to the Associated Press.

Uncle Sam doesn’t care who you are. Pay your taxes.