Vanessa Bryant ‘f*cking hates’ Kobe For Losing Five Pounds

Vanessa Bryant Smiling

After Kobe’s first game back on Sunday against the Raptors he did comment about how he was a bit overweight and needed to get back in full basketball shape. Well he says he lost 5 pounds after that game and his wife Vanessa is not happy:

So my theory here is that while Kobe was rehabbing, Vanessa learned to cook and was hooking up all the nice home cooked meals. So it was a sign that her food was good with the gained weight. the other possibility is she like Kobe ‘pudgy’.

62 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant ‘f*cking hates’ Kobe For Losing Five Pounds

  • My theory is that Kobe might bring home the bacon, but Vanessa wears the pants int the family! Kobe isn’t married, he is buried!

  • She was just joking because he can lose 5 lbs so easy after playing 1 game and she has to bust her butt for several months to lose 5 lbs. C’mon man it’s not all that serious…LOL

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