Victor Cruz: “Jay Z Is Just Getting Started With Robinson Cano’s Contract”


Jay Z is big pimpin right now in the world of sports agents.

After being cleared of any wrong doing in his companies recruitment of Geno Smith, Shawn Carter scored a knockout yesterday with the 10 year $240 million contract he secured for Robinson Cano from the Seattle Mariners.

According to the New York Post, Victor Cruz isn’t shocked by what the Jay Z and his sports agency are doing.  Cruz, who is a Roc Nation client as well, told the post that “Jay Z is just getting started” with his big moves.

“The proof is in the deal,” Cruz said Friday. “It’s a big day for them.”

Cruz said the contract he inked in the summer, for six years and $46 million, mostly was negotiated by his agent, Tom Condon.

Jay Z, according to Cruz, had a more active hand in the Cano deal, and Cruz thinks the move will bode well for the future of Roc Nation Sports.

“It’s just a stepping stone,” Cruz said. “It’s proof anything can be done if you put your mind into it and you have the type of backing and the type of people you have around you that do the right thing and understand the business — anything can be done.

“It’s a true testament to the way [Jay Z] does his business, and the way he goes about it — the right way.”

Cruz said he planned to congratulate Jay Z and Cano via text message later in the day.

“I’m ecstatic,” Cruz said. “I know [Cano] personally. He’s a good dude, he’s a great guy. I’m happy he was able to get the deal I know he wanted.”


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