Week 15 BCS Standings Released: FSU is #1, OSU #2


The latest BCS standings have been released and we have a new #1 team. Obviously with the Alabama loss, we would get Florida State moving to #1. There was a little controversy about who would/should be #2 but right now it is the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes with the Auburn Tigers coming in at #3. Check out the top ten here:

1. Florida State (.995)
2. Ohio State (.950)
3. Auburn (.923)
4. Alabama (.854)
5. Missouri (.843)
6. Oklahoma State (.763)
7. Stanford (.707)
8. South Carolina (.704)
9. Baylor (.662)
10. Michigan State (.653)

Now things will continue to be interesting since they gap between OSU and Auburn is bigger than most people thought. Even with that though, if Ohio State takes care of Michigan State in the Big Ten title game, it probably won’t matter what Auburn does in the SEC title game.

Should they both win though, let the debate begin about who deserves to play FSU in Pasadena if they beat Duke next week.