Zach Randolph Fined $25K for Ripping Officials


The NBA was not very pleased with Zach Randolph after he basically placed the blame on the officials for the Grizzlies’ 100-92 loss to the Houston Rockets. Although he is entitled to his own opinion, expressing it publicly will cost him big bucks.

Randolph was hit with a $25,000 fine and this is why.

“It’s obvious, it was the refs tonight. Eight against five. We out there playing hard and they dictated the game. It was a horrible game they reffed tonight. They dictated the game plain and simple.”

If you watched the Grizzlies-Rockets game you would most understand why Randolph was so frustrated. But rules are rules and the NBA has a very low tolerance for public criticism of its officials. Randolph joins Knicks head coach Mike Woodson and Nuggets guard Nate Robinson among those who have been fined for ripping game officials.