3rd Woman in Louisiana Accuses Darren Sharper of Rape

Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper has some explaining to do.

He was arrested for allegedly raping two women on separate dates in California and now he is being investigated for raping a 3rd woman in Louisiana.

According to WDSU.com, a Louisiana woman filed a sexual assault complaint against Sharper last year, accusing him of criminal misconduct.

“The NOPD is investigating an allegation of sexual assault filed against Darren Sharper,” the New Orleans Police Department told WDSU.com in a statement.  “As with every case alleging sexual assault, information gathered is extremely sensitive and the top priority of the detectives is to protect the person who filed the complaint.  Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, we cannot provide additional information at this time.”

According to the report the alleged assault happened at a private residence.

It should be noted that Sharper has not been charged in the Louisiana case and the investigation is still open.

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  • Black man in America, you’re guilty until proven innocent! If this guy is lucky enough to be accquitted on all charges, he will still be considered guilty to so many in mainstream media. This guy is in serious trouble!

  • This guy better call Shawn Chapman Holley ASAP! For those of you that don’t know, Shawn Chapman Holley is an attorney who used to work for Johnnie Cochran. Yes she was a member of the OJ Simpson dream team.

  • The hardest hittin’ safety in the LEAGUE

    • Put tha team on ma back dou!!!!!!

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