49ers vs Panthers Game to See Beefed Up Police Presence


The Panthers haven’t had a home playoff game in five years so it’s certainly understandable that there a lot of buzz in Charlotte. However, there seems to be enough animosity between the two sides that officials have decided to add more police presence at the game according to NBC Sports. In a twist, the beefed up security will include undercover police officers dressed in 49ers gear sitting throughout the stands.

“What we see is a lot more hype – a lot more events going on, a lot more bars hosting parties, a lot more of our venues uptown that are attracting people to the game,” Captain Mike Campagna said.  “We’re just going to have a lot more energy.”

This could definitely work out well for the 49ers fans planning on attending the game, since knowledge of the fact that there are disguised undercover officers throughout the stadium will hopefully deter unruly Panthers fans from wanting to attack anyone on the other side. Fans just need to relax and enjoy the game. There is never a good reason to attack each other over a sporting event.