Adonis Stevenson vs Sergey Kovalev Fight Nearly Complete



Heavy hitters Adonis Stevenson and Sergey Kovalev seem to be on a collision course for late-summer if both successfully defend their titles this spring.

Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva spoke on the possible slugfest:

“We have actually been negotiating very seriously in the last days, hours even. The fight is going to get made…..just not next. The negotiations are ongoing with the people from Montreal and HBO. We are talking. I’ve been involved in a lot of big deals in my life. I can tell when something is going to work and not going to work, and it’s going to work.”

Kovalev will most likely defend his title against Cedric Agnew on March 29th. A fight that should end like many of Kovalev’s others, with a knock out.

Stevenson is locked into a May 24th match against challenger Andrzej Fonfara. This is more time off than Adonis is accustom to but he will probably head straight from that fight into a training camp for Kovalev.

As long as both fighters come out victorious in those two fights they’ll ¬†be set for an August or September clash. No one expects a fight between these two to be decided by the judges. Both have otherworldly power and a monstrous knockout is almost guaranteed in the fight.