Airline Admits Flight Attendant Treated Geno Smith Wrongly

Geno Smith

Remember the alleged altercation between Geno Smith and the flight attendant on Virgin America that started over headphones?  Well it turns out that the airline has apologized and welcomes Geno back with open arms:

“After a full review of the incident, we believe it was the result of a misunderstanding that regrettably escalated unnecessarily,” the airline said. “We’ve apologized to Mr. Smith for his experience, which could have been better — and we’d welcome him back onboard any time. As an airline that prides itself on our guest service, we take incidents such as this one very seriously.”

To Geno’s credit, he seems to be forgiving:

“I really appreciate that Virgin America took this seriously, looked into this matter and followed up with me. I look forward to flying their airline again soon.”

I might not be as forgiving if I was called a “threat” and kicked off a flight.