AJ McCarron Says Doctor Told Him To Skip Senior Bowl


It has been well publicized that Alabama QB AJ McCarron is not attending the Senior Bowl. Most NFL scout believe it is a mistake but AJ wanted to clear the air on why he isn’t there. From AL.com:

“When it came time to decide, I asked the advice of our team doctors, who are some of the best in the country,” McCarron said. “They said I should stay out of the game and get my body back to 100 percent healthy.”

“I jammed my shoulder when I was diving for the pylon against Tennessee,” he said. “Structurally, there was never anything wrong, but since then I’ve been fighting a sore shoulder that just got more tired each week.”

So he says his sore shoulder is causing him to skip out on the game and scrutiny that comes along with all the eyes on your this week. This feels like a lot of damage control but what do you all think?