AJ McCarron’s Mom on Jameis’ Speech: “Am I Listening to English?” (Photo)




Dee Dee McCarron has officially joined the ranks of those who will live in Twitter infamy. After the Florida State Seminoles, offensive MVP Jameis Winston was asked to give a postgame speech for ESPN, to which McCarron sent a tweet taking a shot at Winston’s accent. ESPN’s Dan LeBatard reported the tweet that McCarron sent out but deleted from @PichieRalmer.


The tweet was immediately deleted, but as we know, nothing is ever really removed from the world wide web.



  1. She looks like an old cougar who goes around having affairs w/ college students. Maybe Winston turned her down and now she’s mad. One things for sure she’s an attention whore and most attention whores are whores at heart. Happy Cougar hunting to her lol.

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