Arian Foster Preparing to Pay Off Mistress Brittany Norwood

He doesn’t really have much of a choice.  Brittany seems very media savvy and it isn’t a good look for Foster who is married with two small children to have his mistress talking on the news about how he wanted her to have an abortion.

As I have always said $8 pack of condoms >>>> % of your income for 18 years.  Foster and Norwood are at the negotiating table according to TMZ.

Brittany’s lawyer told KHOU that both sides have come to the negotiating table in the hopes of working out a private settlement to avoid a nasty public court battle. 

The two sides were scheduled to appear in court today — but the hearing has been postponed … for now

I assume Foster wants a gag order and  some protection to make sure that Brittany doesn’t go on Reality TV and try to profit off the baby.

In exchange, Brittany will get a nice lump sum of cash and child support for a very long time.

Arian Foster Brittany 2

3 thoughts on “Arian Foster Preparing to Pay Off Mistress Brittany Norwood

  • $$$$$$$$…KA-CHING!!!!!! Brittany Norwood has hit the Baby Mama Lottery…..time to get paid…..wonder if Foster will use the “he and the wife were ON BREAK” excuse…ijs….lol

  • Oooooooor how about being true to your wife. What a thought.

  • Gold digger trying to get paid wrong state to file child support the max is 1500 in good ole TX stupide homewrecker even if she did try to go on a reality tv who would watch that garbage shes nothing important. I really feel for for his family that is suffering because of his stupidity

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