Arian Foster Sued For Trying to Force a Woman to Have Abortion

I am sure there is another side to the story, but the one thing is clear, if you don’t want to have a baby, best to use protection.

Can’t be Dwading all over the place, then get upset when the woman wants to keep baby.

Arian Foster tried to strong arm a woman into aborting their unborn child … and even got his brother to apply some pro-abortion pressure, this according to a lawsuit filed by the woman who claims she’s carrying the NFL star’s kid.

TMZ Sports has obtained legal docs, filed in Texas, in which a woman named Brittany claims the Houston Texans running back knocked her up several months ago. FYI — Foster is married to another woman.

In her lawsuit, the woman — who says she’s currently 17 weeks pregnant — alleges that after she found out she was with child, Arian “constantly harassed [her] to get an abortion for the child.”

Brittany also claims Arian “used family members to additionally harass [her] to get an abortion.”

Good luck with that Arian.

arian foster baby mama

4 thoughts on “Arian Foster Sued For Trying to Force a Woman to Have Abortion

  • Hopefully he doesn’t do like Rae Carruth and kill the chick……he better just deal with it and pay child support

  • Or…maybe, just sleep with your wife; just a thought. This should be viewed for exactly what it is…he is advocating for the murder of his own child (allegedly)!

  • She looks a lot more than 17 weeks pregnant. However, you shouldn’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

  • He deserves what he get, u have a wife an dumb ass think a woman get pregnant by a millionaire guna abort the baby an not get that 18 years child support he dumb ass fuck an he only like white women it seems so I hope she break his dumb ass

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