Arian Foster Suing Pregnant Mistress For Extortion

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Arian Foster is suing pregnant mistress Brittany Norwood for defamation of character, saying that she is lying about him and just want to get money. Here are the details so far from TMZ:

The Houston Texans running back filed the suit in Texas … saying Brittany Norwood’s claims that Arian and her brother tried to strongarm her into aborting the child are nothing more than a “calculated scheme” to extort the NFL star.

In the suit, Arian says he has PROOF to back up his claims … including text messages AND a legal recording of a conversation he had with Brittany in which she ADMITS her allegations are false.

Foster says in his lawsuit, “Norwood has engaged in a campaign to impugn the character and reputation of [Arian] with the intent to extort monies from him.”

Foster is asking the judge for unspecified damages — and he wants Brittany to pay his legal costs — for dragging his reputation through the mud.

We brought you the story yesterday of the secret recording of her admitting to lying and now that seems like that was just a step in Foster’s plan.

Either way he seems a bit petty especially for seeking damages and wanting her to pay his legal costs.

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  • did this bitch made ass writer say it was petty to sue ….man this dude is an idot…friggin suck-up

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