Arian Foster’s Baby Mama Dressed Up As a Gold Digger for Halloween

0115-arian-foster-gold-digger-tmz-1Arian Foster might have been telling the truth when he said his baby mama was a fame whore trying to exploit their unborn child to launch a career in reality television. TMZ is reporting that Brittany posted the picture of her dressed as gold digger for Halloween 2012. On top of that, Arian isn’t the first professional athlete she has dated. Shocker.

We know she was tight with NBA star Chase Budinger, who played for the Houston Rockets at the time.

In fact, she visited Chase in San Diego back in 2012. Unclear if they’re still friendly.


I don’t doubt for one second that this chick is all the things Arian Foster claims and more. What I do doubt is that she changed at all from the moment he met her to the moment he dropped his seed in her. At the end of the day if you wouldn’t have planted a child inside of her, she wouldn’t have anything to exploit for reality television. He needs to man up and take some accountability in this situation.

3 thoughts on “Arian Foster’s Baby Mama Dressed Up As a Gold Digger for Halloween

  • LMAO……..Foster is a dumbass for dropping his seed in this chick……#p*ssywhiiped

  • She is 20 now, she was dating Chase in 2012. That means she has been a cleat chaser since she was 16-17 years old. That is some great parenting right there. LOL

  • What you meant to say was dressed up and went as HERSELF for Halloween.

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